Einstein on the Beach 2005

opera in 4 acts (Wilson/Glass)
2005 // Parochialkirche, Berlin

Musical Direction: Ari Benjamin Meyers

Director: Berthold Schneider // "The seven musicians and twelve singers under Ari Benjamin Meyers' direction pull off an amazing feat of concentration, which is over time transferred to the listeners." -Tagesspiegel Berlin

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Musical Director: Ari Benjamin Meyers
Director: Berthold Schneider
Installation: Veronika Witte
Choreography/ Co-Director: Jo Siska
Curator: Ralf F. Hartmann
Video: fettFilm (Momme Hinrich und Torge Möller)
Costumes: Constanze Fischbeck
Lighting Design: Lutz Deppe
Sound Design: Torsten Clemens/Mattef Kuhlmey

with Redux Orchestra

Participating Artists
Raimund Binder, Hans Diebner/Sven Sahle, Barbara Hindahl, Reiner Maria Matysik, Fernando Niño-Sanchez, Daniela Risch, Frauke Wilken, Veronika Witte

...Seven musicians and twelve singers under the direction of Ari Benjamin Meyers pull off a feat of concentration that over time rubs off on the listeners. On the other hand there occur moments of poetry and of surprise, as when after a long repeating passage a solo violin suddenly plays alone. Without a doubt, this music has the power to put one in a trance.
Ulrich Pollmann, Tagesspiegel

...Redux Orchestra- who under the unrelenting direction of Ari Benjamin Meyers played for four hours straight the short repeating eighth note motives- as well as the singers, have given a performance of such physicality that one can only marvel.
Wolfgang Fuhrmann, Berliner Zeitung

additional photographs: philjohn.com