Diameter 761

sound installation
2006 // Sound Forest, Riga

with Evelina Deicmane and Lucinda Dayhew

[image: Diameter 761-1]
[image: Diameter 761-2]
[image: Diameter 761-3]

audio sample 1

audio sample 2


Like a kind of inverse sonar, a microphone sweeps a room; in this way it is at the same time recording sound and creating sound.
If however the microphone had a velocity faster than the speed of sound, it would be moving too fast to record its own sound.
We propose to build a machine capable of audio recording while moving at the speed of sound (761 mph or 1.224,6759 kph). The recorded sounds would be recorded before they are produced – a sonic time machine!
This particular construction, commissioned by and specifically built for Sound Forest, is a prototype of this machine. The sound being produced is a by-product of the experiment.

(text: Ari Benjamin Meyers)