Club Redux 4

2005 // Watergate, Berlin

Redux Orchestra plays new dance music // featuring TV Victor, Märtini Brös, and Jay Haze

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[image: redux-4-2]
[image: redux-4-3]

audio sample 1

audio sample 2

audio sample 3

Featuring: TV Victor // Märtini Brös // Jay Haze, u.a.
Special Guest: Argenis Brito, Gesang
DJ-Set: Jay Haze // Carsten Klemann

...This year's favorite is Club Redux, a wonderfully warped attempt to take experimental new music in an orchestral/electronic direction. There have been four acts thus far; to be continued. Hopefully!"
tip - Berlin
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[image: redux-4_gal_2.jpg]
[image: redux-4_gal_3.jpg]