Club Redux 1

Redux Orchestra performs Terry Riley
2005 // Watergate, Berlin

featuring Nicholas Bussmann, Hanno Leichtmann, Minit, Miwon, Chica Paula, Sammy Dee

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Live-Set: Redux Orchestra // Minit
Laptop-Set: Nicholaus Bussmann // Hanno Leichtmann // Miwon
DJ-Set: Chica Paula // Sammy Dee

Redux Orchestra and guests perform Terry Riley:
"Olsen 3" (German FP) // "In C" (Redux Orchestra Remix) // "In C" (Redux Laptop Orchestra) // "Keyboard Study 1" (Ari Benjamin Meyers, Organ)
"...A different kind of concert, and a different kind of party. That means concerts in the atmosphere of the club with dj's and a ten-man orchestra. That this is possible is proven by the first nights of this series."
Junge Welt
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